Epazote – Mexican grape tea – 20 g bunch





comes from tropical America. Even today we can benefit from its vital substances. The almost forgotten spice herb on your plate – experience the taste of the thin, crisp leaves and flowers! (Do not eat raw fruits) </ section>

Origin and characteristics

The Aztec spicy plant Epazote has a tart, peppery lemon fragrance with a subtle hint of mint in the fresh form and is an indispensable part of South American cuisine.

The fleshy and slightly reddish stems lead to the to spatulate fleshy leaves, which contain a high level of vitamin C.


Dried easily for a few months, stored in a dark, cool and dry place.


The well-known Central American spice with lemon flavor is often used fresh in bean and legume dishes. It is cooked. Raw Epazote should only be consumed in very small quantity.

Hazards / Side effects

An overdose of the medicinal plant leads to dizziness, vomiting, convulsions and death, so you should eat raw leaves raw only in very small quantity. Deaths are known. In addition, Ascaridol is allergenic, which is why Epazote oil should only be diluted and used in small amounts. Consumption of fully ripened and raw seeds is expected to be poisonous. Not suitable for pregnant women.

Epazote in healing

Epazote is a bitter, astringent, highly aromatic herb that kills intestinal parasites. In addition, it has sweat-inducing, cramping and expectorant properties. Externally you can apply the herb or the oil for athlete’s foot and insect bites.



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