GreenBAG (BolsaVERDE)

Our GreenBAG

Do you live on your own? Or you only need topping up your regular food shopping? Then our GreenBag is the best option for you!

You can find our current offer in the news section or via our daily updates on WhatsApp. Message our number: 003462817734 to join the GreenBAG group.

What’s in the GreenBAG?

  • Fresh fruit and vegetables straight from our garden. Our produce is organic (not treated or chemically fertilized) and 100% naturally grown, a colorful mix from the seasonal garden, suitable for single customers and small households.
  • A  bunch of herbs  with at least 5 wonderfully fragrant herbs is also included every week.
  • There are also regular great recipes on our website – lots of delicious ideas on what you can cook with the GreenBAG contents.

Delivery service

The GreenBAG is conveniently delivered to your home. You can also get your GreenBAG directly at any time from our Finca-Shop

If you have adopted a chicken, your eggs will be included in the GreenBAG.

Do I need to subscribe?

No the GreenBAG is not a subscription service! You can order and supplement your GreenBAG individually with only what you need! Click here for information on the Web Shop

How can I pay for my GreenBAG?

There are several ways to pay:

  • When ordering online via Paypal
  • You can transfer money easily (online payment from your account)
  • Payment in cash or with a credit card upon delivery

You can request a list of the current products at any time by email .  You can also reach us by phone and WhatsApp on 0034-628177348.

Here is the content of our GreenBAG

For more information, please visit the page with questions for the GreenBOX. And remember, there is no deposit needed for the GreenBAG.  Frequently asked questions about the GreenBOX