FAQ – GreenBOX (CajaVERDE)


When will the GreenBOX be delivered?

Currently the GreenBox is always delivered on Saturday morning to your home. Alternatively, it can be picked up on Saturdays at our collection address in San Fernando with 3, – € discount.

How to deliver the GreenBOX?

We have chosen our GreenBOX to protect the quality of our products as possible on the transport and also robust in the consistency for one long use. There is a deposit of 20, – € for the GreenBOX. Once you have a GreenBOX, it will be exchanged on Saturdays, on delivery. Altertnatively, you can give back the GreenBOX directly on delivery.

What is included in my GreenBOX?

We’ve always made our GreenBOXs useful: salad, vegetables, potatoes, fruits and herbs in quantities that can be used with fun within the week, until the upcoming GreenBOX arrives. (Please note: seasonally not everything is always available!)