Organic Finca

Vivir la naturaleza!

The organic finca is in the south of Gran Canaria, in the middle of the biosphere reserve and nature reserve.

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Here are the possibilities to participate in this great project!

Finca shop on the web

Order your weekly GreenBox organic food now. Or choose from our current list. Here it goes to the finca shop!

Crowd Garden

Our dream is to produce only what is actually needed by every tree, every lettuce or cabbage. which we plant, each of our bee families and also all chickens have an owner. Our cultivation process is responsible, ecologically (what is ecologic?) And sustainable. For the sake of quality and future generations.This is the Crowd Garden!

Holidays at the Bio Finca

We have various objects that invite you to holiday on the organic farm Gran Canaria. The accommodation units can accommodate 2, 4 or 6 people. The spacious and private terraces, which belong to each object, create privacy in Finca village. The inhabited premises also have spacious common areas.

This is the holiday on the organic farm!

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Finca shop and pick up

Shopping right there, where it comes from! In the finca shop: When shopping from the farm you have the opportunity once to look behind the scence. So you experience agriculture to touch. Especially for children, this is a purchase that touches all the senses. Here you can find out more about shopping at the finca. The alternative nearby, the pick-up address in San Fernando: When shopping from pickup address, you have the opportunity to preorder your desired items. Daily fresh goods in your area and easily accessible. Here you can find out more about pick-up in San Fernando.

The Organic Finca Gran Canaria

Holidays on the organic farm Gran Canaria

We have various properties that invite you to holiday on the organic farm Gran Canaria. All are furnished to the needs of holiday makers. The units have one bedroom for 2, 4 or 6 people. A living room, private bathroom and kitchen are also standard here. Read more!


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